The Hitchhiker's Guide to Data Management (New) 2023

This guide delves into data governance, risk management, data science, and a variety of data types. It covers Master Data Management (MDM), metadata, data dictionary, data catalogs, Key Performance Indicators (KPI)s, four primary analytical models, risk management for business, data management, information technology, and cybersecurity. Additionally, it provides an overview of data types, including data mart, data cube, data warehouse, dimensional data overview, OLTP, OLAP, Snowflake, star-schema, data container, container registry, docker data, data bricks, data lake, data lake house, data pipeline, data factory, big data, and machine learning on big data. While not exhaustive, this guide is a helpful reference for further studies. If any data types are missing, please email me, and I'll include them in my next release. Thanks

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This book is designed for Students learning data science, also, CEOs, ISO’s, Vice-Presidents, Secretaries of business management, Treasurers, The Board of Directors, Security Managers, IT managers, Security Analysts, Data Owners, Network Admins, Security Admins, SME’s and Employees to understand data governance and risk management within a business and all the relationships.

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The Small And Medium Business Cybersecurity Development Program. 2023


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Book Description:

This cybersecurity program is designed to fit any business-specific needs, allowing the business to rapidly recover from almost all disasters or cyber-attacks, the best use of Cloud and MSSP service providers, supplying continuous availability.

On Amizon: 

The security program requirements must cover disaster recovery, data backup & protection, cyber resiliency, continuity with minimal downtime, and a robust but flexible security framework. Also, providing businesses with resilience and peace of mind that their organization's sensitive data is safe and secure. This book will use a hypothetical company as an example that easily correlates with the topics within this book and allows non-technical readers to understand what is needed to secure their company.